Hydro Exemption

For those of you that live in a multi-unit residential building with a single meter, you should have been advised by your management company that Ontario Hydro along with the ministry of finance is offering to waive the DRC off of your hydro bill. All you have to do is apply. This could mean between […]

Condominium Property Management

How do you choose a qualified property management company. Someone once said years ago, “there are over 200 management companies in the GTA, out of those 200, maybe 20 of them are qualified to be managing condominiums. That number has risen to over 500. Questions to ask; 1. Does a bigger company offer more experience? […]

New Condominiums

Purchasing a Condo: I do not know how many people have said to me over the past twenty years, “If I had known that, I never would have bought the place”. There are many different buyers out there; from investors, first time buyers and retired looking to downsize. There are also many different developments out […]